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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology - originally posted April 21, 2012

...Out For No Good - screen cap sequence...

...OK - just some of the 'overflow' of screen caps from 20 Million Sweethearts...well, actually, these are ALL from the 'Out For No Good' number that Ginger so deftly executes... as always, there really need NO captions, as they speak VERY beautifully for themselves...

...this last one is STILL my fave... Ginger peeved... when she sticks that lower jaw out, ya best duck, run, or pray, right?
Well, here's another sequence, from a bit further back, but still just as Gingery...

...well, that should hold ya for awhile...although I WOULD like to reiterate how honkin' that microphone is...dang, it's like a 3-inch PVC pipe stuck on a pole...I just wonder if that's a REAL mic, or if it just a 'stage prop'... well, it's obvious Ginger wasn't actually singing during this scene (i.e., 'lip-synching'...not that there's anything wrong with that....), but they use these throughout the film. Folks weren't nearly as 'savvy' about the technical aspects of a performance in those days...
And, may I ALSO reiterate that Ginger is black is just redonkulous...whatever THAT means (I believe it's a nod to the affirmative...)
Well, on to the next review, 'Change of Heart'...I've watched it, and as I remember, Ginger is in an almost 'glancing' role, although she really plays a key role in it, if that makes any sense... she is quite the 'trollop' in this one, so there's no sugar-coating it... but she LOOKS mahvalos, know who I'm talking to... so there's something.
Anyway, that will be out in a few days, hopefully (where have ya heard THAT before?) - as we get ready for what is officially my least favorite week of the year henceforth, between Ginger's passsing on the 25th and the horrific tornado 'anniversary' on the 27th...again, April canNOT get thru quick enough for me..

Well, until then...



  1. I think you have a problem - Gingeritis? Not sure if theres a cure for it though! LOL

  2. It's terminal, baby!

    ...well, had one cavity today at the dentist... which didn't surprise me this week...oh well, at least it wasn't a root canal or anything...(that was two years ago at this time...) My wife did remind me that our cat's birthday is on Thursday, so maybe that's a BIT of a 'offset'...but it's gonna take more than that...

    KIG THIS week of ALL weeks, OGRE!

  3. hi, don't know where else to put this, but I really enjoy your blog (lurking, lurking) and so I put in under my weekly cool site spotlight! thanks for all the great Ginger stuff! :)

    1. ...thanks for the awesome 'shout-out' and very kind words, KD!!! An honor to be in the 'comfy chair'! I know a few of those 'past members'...pretty good company!

      Good to know you enjoy the site! Hopefully the posts will get back to 'regularly scheduled Gingery' features... just not the best time of year here, as the past few posts indicate... and I'm always looking for new things to post about - REALLY need to get the tunes re-vamped... one of these days...

      And you have a great site! I'm joining up asap... AAANNNDD, not to shamelessly 'hawk' the site, but the next Gingerology 'follower' will be #100! ...well, not that there's any prize or anything involved, but...I WILL heap accolades on that awesome individual! ...of course, ALL Gingerologists are AWESOME! :-)

      Thanks again for stopping by, Kristina!!! Hu

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